We are all excited for a fresh start in 2021! When you use the following strategies, you can plan for productivity and get back on track in the new year.

1. Make every minute count: Instead of idling when you have some extra time, check some much-needed tasks off your to-do list. You’ll be surprised at how much you can accomplish when you optimize your downtime.

TIP: Use time gaps between appointments to organize your desktop or clean up your inbox.

2. Keep your workspace tidy: At work, nearly 91% of employees say they’d get more done if their space was better organized. To be more productive in work and life, find an organizational method that works for you.

TIP: Minimize desk clutter by sorting reports or random papers in magazine holders, and shred any items you do not need. Try to consistently declutter your space one to two times a week.


3. Get Laser-Focused: Block out distractions when you’re in the zone, and always keep your goals front and center. With your eyes on the prize, you’ll be more motivated to hustle — and get more done during the day.

TIP: Write down the top three priorities you must accomplish each day to achieve larger monthly goals.

4. Reset and Recharge: In order to commit more of yourself to your work, family, and friends, you need to practice self-care and fill up your own tank first.

TIP: Prioritize time to unwind. You might make time for movement, pick up a hobby, take regular walks in nature or even schedule some days off.