Step one
What Plants Work in Your Region?

Stroll around the neighborhood to get an idea for what plants work in your region.

step two
Pick the Plants That Work for You

Factor in how much work you’re willing to do, since some plants require more maintenance than others.

Roses, jasmine, honeysuckle or fresh herbs can provide a fresh, floral scent in your yard. Fruit trees can be fun to harvest and stay with the property, increasing its value. Try lemon and orange trees in warmer climates and plum, pear or apple trees further north.

Step three
Choose Your Planters

Make them pop, but keep them within the style of your home.

step four
Hang Up a Hummingbird Feeder

to create a colorful, more vibrant garden. These birds spread pollen to help your flowers grow more easily.

Step five
Maintenance Is Key!

Take some time each weekend to water the plants, remove any weeds and keep the yard space beautiful!