Friends Reconnecting

Kick-Off Your Gratitude Campaign

Welcome the holiday season with a gratitude campaign! Show friends, family, and neighbors how much they mean to you with the following activities.

Write Letters

Write two or three letters per week to share gratitude for those in your life.

  • Identify 10-12 people to write to this month.
  • Set calendar reminders to pick up the pen!
  • Mail the letters as you go, so you have less to address and send at a time.

The formula for All-Star Note Writing

  • Close your eyes and visualize the person.
  • Describe their value in your life.
  • Consider their personal experience and what’s going on for them.
  • Ask yourself, “How can I make this person’s day?” Keep it short and sweet.

Send a Gratitude Gift

Say thanks to friends or family members for being in your life with a small appreciation gift, like a:

  • Digital gift card for coffee.
  • Pie for Thanksgiving.
  • Pizza delivery.
  • A batch of fresh-baked cookies.

Have the gift delivered straight to their door (like a pizza or pumpkin pie from your favorite bakery) or drop it off on the porch or mailbox — just make sure to send a heads-up!

A Time for Reconnecting

As part of your gratitude campaign, think about friends or family you haven’t reached out to in a while and reconnect. Here are some activities to help you reach out and stay in touch more regularly!

D.E.A.R. Time 

This stands for “drop everything and read.” Pick a book or article series for you and a friend to read and schedule time weekly or monthly to chat in person or via video call to share interesting takeaways.

Plan a Trip

This is a great one for old friends living in different areas. Identify a destination you’d both like to visit and start planning an adventure for the new year. You’ll chat regularly and have something to look forward to!

Watch a Show

Start a show you’ve both been meaning to watch and talk about it over coffee or on a call!

Recipe Swap

For friends who like to cook (or want to improve), set up a recipe swap. Hop on a call once a month to catch up and go over what you’ve been cooking. You might even make a meal together over a video call. This works for beverages too!